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About Datacoup

Datacoup is the world's first personal data marketplace. We provide tools and ways for individuals to exchange their data, directly with businesses, in order to receive value in return.

In today’s economy the average individual generates a massive data trail simply by shopping, browsing the Internet and engaging on social media. In the United States, a $110 billion industry has been born out of gathering that data and using it to market products or services to consumers. The key problem is that the creators of that data do not enjoy access to the value they generate. Individuals are increasingly frustrated by opaque user terms that mask just how much of their data is collected and for what purpose. They are even more frustrated by a shadowy data broker industry that "spies and steals" their data and profits from it.

Meanwhile, brands and businesses are looking for more efficient ways to attain more accurate information about current and potential customers, in order to inform their marketing and growth strategies. Datacoup bridges the gap between frustrated consumers and data starved businesses.

Datacoup’s platform provides for individuals to bring together transaction data (purchase history), information on search and intent (browser history), demographic and social media data (social media profiles), fitness data (quantified self devices) and other device data (mobile platform/location etc), and to then market or exchange that data, directly to businesses, in return for value.

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